bye bye Hyyperlic long live the Hyyperlic archive

It was in May 2013 when the first blog post was published on the lifestyle blog Hyyperlic. After the change from a pure car blog, which had already been running for more than 2 years at that point, the very first posts were published with comments on the topic of “lifestyle”. Soon, it took off with numerous blogposts on the topics of cars, travel, recipes and lifestyle in general. Restaurant reviews, hotel reviews, tips on tourist attractions and reviews of new car models. Book tips, insights as a blogger and how to become a blogger, as well as so much more.
But everything comes to an end.
After almost a decade, well, around 8.5 years, Hyyperlic per se will be discontinued in its form.
All previous posts will soon be available in the Hyyperlic Blog Archive. On a classic Blogspot blogger blog.
But, in the future, new posts will also be published, very sporadically.

While Hyyperlic was run full time as a solo self-employed blogger from the beginning, this is no longer the case. For some years now, Hyyperlic has only been a part-time “hobby” project. However, it increasingly takes up too much time besides my regular job, which is why itself no longer exists.

However, in summer 2015, the English-language travel blog was founded. This will continue to be run as actively as possible. Since the coronavirus pandemic, it is simply difficult to “promote” travel and give tips for destinations. Therefore, in terms of content, the focus is currently more on regional travel tips in southern Germany, Vorarlberg and Switzerland with Zurich and Basel. For the coming year 2022, however, some innovations and diverse content on numerous travel destinations are planned, so stay tuned!