welcome to my online-self

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until only the Devil God knows when. Sorry!

welcome to The Online Lisa, the core representation of my online-self


You might know me from the Internet, I’m Lisa, so a very warm welcome to you, and thanks for clicking on the link to this page on one of my various profiles online!

TheOnlineLisa Lisa Schwarz

If you want to know more about me, check out the menu bar above, or scroll further down. I genuinely hope I can satisfy your interest by this (for me, easy) method!
If you haven’t found what you are looking for, I’m quite sorry, but together as a team, we might turn this staggering disappointment around. From your part, just fill out the contact form, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Everyone knows asap is a delightful phrase, but likewise, everyone knows how busy life (the one offline, as well as the one online) can sometimes be, so you might want to add a grain of patience into the process of a highly emphatic fulfilment of your disappointed inquiry about not finding all the info you are looking for on here. We’re all just humans, striving to become better versions of ourselves, right? 🙂

For now: Take care, stay healthy & positive!

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What I’m doing


Blogging has, for me, turned from an obscure hobby into a full-time career turned stimulating hobby again, and soon turned ??
Having a first “Test Blog” in 2010, I ‘officially’ started out as a Blogger on Jan 1st 2011 (so everyone worldwide celebrates the anniversary of my Blog, of course!). Read more here

Taking Pictures

I do enjoy taking pictures of various objects living (mostly pictures of loved ones), plainly existing (landscapes, objects in museums) or dead (mostly the plants I’m not properly able to take care of), and sometimes I sell them to other publications, sometimes I post them online, but most of the time they keep on clogging up my external hard drives.

Following Ideas

As this page is the “core representation of my online self” I’m not going much into detail about what my offline life is precisely about, this will stay offline as life ist best enjoyed not online; but soon new ideas and projects will force their way out of a sweaty birth canal, also known as my brain. Stay tuned, and don’t be disgusted by this pictorial illustration. Thanks!

What I’m bringing to the Table

My first actual job was as a Text+Photo Freelancer at a local newspaper aged 16, followed by various positions in Marketing, Event Management, Social Media, Teamleader and similar leading positions, HR, Assistant & Front Desk, and a bit more of everything. This broad spectrum of experience, in combination to be quite well travelled (30+ countries), helps me to observe every problem or project from various angles. Anyone can achieve anything, if she/he really wants to.

more on that topic soon.

Where to find me online

So, where can you find me online? NO, I’m neither on TikTok nor Snapchat, I’m an adult. My preferred platform is Twitter, by far, followed by Insta (uhm, yeah, because you kinda have to be on there, right..) and YouTube, obviously. And Facebook does suck not only since 2015, please tell everyone!

What music am I listening to?

Check out my Spotify “On Repeat” Playlist to get a glimpse of the sometimes quite shitty interesting music I’m listening to:

what else…

… wait, what did I just read?

I can already imagine all those LinkedIn headhunters raising their eyebrows, turning their heads sideways with their eyes wide open, in staggering disbelief. No, this is definitely not a professional website nor portfolio, but still better than a classic lame CV in black and white written in Times New Roman and font size 12, amirite?

I’m not exactly looking for gigs or jobs, but to meet like-minded people with a good sense of humour and am looking forward to the sharing of knowledge, life lessons and to perceive sparks of thoughts/inspirations.

However, If you want to work with me, hit me up, you won’t want to miss out on either my online-self, offline-self or whole self! Until it’s time to communicate what I’m currently working on, this page of useless ramblings will stay online…

Why are there barely any pictures of myself here on this webpage? Well, there are already enough images of myself around, on various social media platforms and videos on YouTube, if you need a visual, just use a search engine of your choice and look out for “Lisa theCarAddict”, “Lisa Hyyperlic” or “Lisa JoyDellaVita”.